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About Gentoo

Gentoo is a source based distribution.
After the bootstrap step, the installation of all the software is done from the source. Main strong points:

How these images were built

Because Gentoo is normally built using a chroot, building a UML instance only requires minor tweaks after following the standard installation instructions, using the host and a loopback mounted filesystem instead of booting from an install CD.

The Disk Images

These images are on an ext3 filesystem and use 2GB of diskspace.


download-link root_fs (~150MB) MD5 SHA


download-link root_fs (~170MB) MD5 SHA

AMD64 multilib

This is the multilib profile version, which supports both x86 and AMD64
download-link root_fs (~170MB) MD5 SHA


No longer available...

(last updated on the 2013-12-03)

Keeping it up to date

Gentoo updates are handled using the 'emerge' tool, by running:

emerge update
emerge -uDavt world