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RedHat 7.2


Note that this distribution was released in 2001 and stopped being supported a long time ago.
It contains many known bugs and vulnerabilities - use at your own risk!

The Disk Image

This image is on an ext3 filesystem and uses 1.0GB of diskspace.

download-link root_fs (~66MB) MD5 SHA

(last updated on the 2010-05-22)

Using it with qemu

As this distribution is now quite old, it is more difficult to get it running with a recent kernel.
Here is a command line you can use with qemu, including the links to the kernel and ramdisk extracted from the image:

qemu -cpu qemu32 -clock dynticks -name RH72 -m 256 -nographic \
	-hda ./RedHat-7.2-i386-root_fs
	-nographic -curses -no-acpi -no-hpet
	-kernel ./vmlinuz-2.4.7-10 -initrd ./initrd-2.4.7-10.img
	-append "root=/dev/hda"